February 2023 

New TV Role 

In February 2023 Nick was cast in a major streaming TV series.  Details to become available later this year.

January 2023 Nick appears in The Madame Blanc Mysteries

Nick featured in The Madame Blanc Mysteries Season 2 Episode 4 on Channel 5 as Robert Coste, a French millionaire.

January 2023 

New Headshots

A great photo session with Brandon Bishop has yielded a terrific batch of new headshots! See Gallery Page and the Spotlight link below.

December 2022

"Eiffel Tower" Wins Awards

Our comedy "Eiffel Tower" won Best Web Series at the British Film Awards, while Zuzana won Best Supporting Actor.  Check out the video on our YouTube channel.

In the May 2020 lockdown, Nick and Zuzana decided to make a comedy video: The Loneliness Of The Social Distance Runner.  

It went down so well that we soon found ourselves making weekly comedy videos for our YouTube channel, continuing to release them at 7pm every Saturday even as normality started to return.  In June 2021 we are celebrating video number 60!  To watch our videos and subscribe, check out the YouTube link at the bottom of the page.

July 2022

The Madame Blanc Mysteries

In July 2022 Nick was filming on a Mediterranean island, playing the role of Robert Coste in TV Crime series The Madame Blanc Mysteries.

The Ball Of Light wins eighth award

Caesar Pictures' comedy short film "The Ball Of Light", directed by Nick and starring Nick and Zuzana, has now won prizes in film festivals in Hollywood, Madras, London and made audiences laugh all over the world.

December 2019 6 Underground Released

Michael Bay's action thriller 6 Underground, starring Ryan Reynolds, where Nick appears as the Yatch Official (speaking Russian, English and Turkmen) is streaming on Netflix.

June 2021

Caesar  Pictures Video Number 60!